GFM-PRIMO DOLLYThis is an ergonomic mobile device

The introduction of GF-PRIMO-DOLLY from Germany's GFM is an ergonomic electric lift mobile device, which makes our shooting work behind the camera more comfortable and smooth.

The GFM's GF-PRIMO-DOLLY is equipped with three steering modes, a one-button selector allows immediate one-handed switching, and the maintenance-free gearbox can be used as the fifth in addition to the steering position on the four wheel arms. The central steering position, with the five-turn position adapter sleeve and rapid car direction changes, diversified options become easier to manage; however, personal motion control, retractable and tilted steering rod can be set as DOLLY GRIP's first choice In the working position, HCG is tightly attached to the steering handle for comfortable and user-friendly operation; wireless operation, the most advanced wireless operation through the ergonomic hand control, can control the lifting of the middle column (chromatographic column), The information display is clear and easy to understand, showing the status of each mode / mode.

Speed and drive ramp adjustment and setting limit and movement order records are easy to achieve. The GF-PRIMO-DOLLY center column (chromatographic column) is rotatable and can be separated from the base cart for easy transportation, with European-style adapter or revolving gantry The base is available for selection and can be installed on the base car, in turn, the riser, seat, etc. can be installed as a mobile mini base car.

In addition, it is equipped with a multi-function corner bracket. In addition to the main adjustable seats, the multi-function revolving gantry can also accept three adapters to provide more seats and camera positions than other central train trolleys, such as Two cameras for two people. Standard GFM accessories such as COMBI-RIG, high / low racks, offset brackets, etc. are directly mounted on the revolving door bracket. This function is used in conjunction with the rotatable column to adjust the position of the camera without effort, creating a more flexible and comfortable work surroundings.

The multi-functional platform set is made of sturdy high-grade aluminum alloy with a row of threads (12mm and 3/8 ") and unthreaded holes (12, 25 and 28mm). Perfect tool for installing various adapters, such as low-profile plates , Lighting bracket, monitor bracket, seat arm extension rod, counterweight rod, etc. A special adapter can be used to directly connect the scaffold tube to the platform, providing more rigging options. The unique locking system utilizes the handle of the base trolley, Ensure fast and connection-free. The GF-LOW system, GFM's low platform system provides variable height and expansion of the standing space on the base of the cart. And unthreaded holes (12, 25 and 28mm) and elongated slots. It is used for linear track and consists of 2 parts. The main part of the platform is combined with a standard 4 piece platform to provide a larger standing area. The platform can carry 100 kg.

Pneumatic big wheel, all-terrain, pneumatic big wheel is the only unique function that can be used for GFM trolleys, attached to the work wheel, without tools, and locked in a few seconds with a special claw, locking design, used in rough terrain Transport and filming (maximum payload 130kg / 286lbs).

The GF-HILO SWIVEL bracket immediately changes the camera position from high to low or changes the lower position to suspension. GF-HILO rotary joint is equipped with speed clamp, automatic engagement and disengagement locking mechanism. The stand can be rotated and fixed at every 10 ° angle allowing 360 ° rotation. The bracket also has 2 European-style mounting seats for installing extension tubes or European-style adapter mounting seats. Mitchell and bowl spin mounts are also available.