DJI RONIN2 When using handheld devices, replace ac


The powerful power and precise control allow the photographer to easily turn the imagined picture into reality. Ronin 2's power has been comprehensively improved. It can not only carry heavier cameras and lenses, but also withstand the wind resistance and inertia in high-speed movement. It can provide stable images at any time, whether it is handheld, vehicle or airborne. Thanks to the powerful power redundancy, it is possible to continue to work without changing the balance of the lens or filter and other accessories that are close in weight when used in hand.

Easy operation

Ronin 2 has been redesigned to simplify installation and adjustment. The new camera fixing plate and knob greatly shorten the balance adjustment time and improve the adjustment accuracy. PTZ parameters can be set directly through the embedded screen and setting buttons, which is more intuitive and convenient.

Smart functions

Ronin 2 enhances the intelligent design, which not only makes the picture smoother and smoother, but also makes complex operations simpler. The new intelligent function allows the photographer to complete the difficult gimbal control with one click, making shooting more accurate and efficient

integrated design

In the shooting, every detail such as power supply, signal transmission and accessory installation will affect the operating experience. Ronin 2 has been carefully designed to fully meet the needs of professional shooting. The gimbal provides a wealth of interfaces, and the cables are stored inside the fuselage to prevent entanglement and damage. The dual-battery system supports hot swapping, allowing the gimbal to work uninterrupted and further improve reliability.

Stable and reliable

For professional-grade film and television equipment, reliability is crucial. We have optimized the materials and structure of Ronin 2. The new motor splash-proof design, motor overheating protection mechanism, cable management mechanism and power and power redundancy design allow the gimbal to perform high-intensity shooting in extreme environments